Dangerous love with a Bi-Sexual

Have you ever fallen in love with a bi-sexual? It can be scary especially if you are looking for long term, commitments and all that monogamous crap. It’s like walking on thin ice or glass. Deep inside of you, you live with the fear of what if? Just what if?

Love is a beautiful thing, only God knows how many times I have fallen in and out of love in my life time. But falling in love with a bi-sexual is a whole different game. Do I believe bisexuals fall in love? Yes! But I believe they fall in love in the moment, when they are with you. That sex, that person, that moment is when they fall in love and as soon as they get together with the person of the other culture; you may just be the last thing on their mind.

Falling in love with a bi-sexual is like holding a ball of fire with bare hands, as soon as it drops; he is in love with the other. There is a reason they are bi-sexual anyways. They love all acts, they swing both ways. Can I trust that when I fall in love with one and he claims to love me in return that he will stick with only me and not look for consolatory sex with the other?

Yes I remember, at some point they might even begin to preach the gospel of creative love. Let’s get creative! Maybe a threesome or partner exchange or whatever, and before you know it they are long gone. I have been there, I have done that. All I am saying is that if you claim to be in love with a bi-sexual think again! Loving a bi-sexual is too damn expensive on the heart, game playing, heart breaking and lies, lots and lots of lies to cover up their track.

Take my advice if you still got brains, run from a bisexual if you are looking for a long term love, monogamous relationship but if you just want to have fun and live in the moment then a bisexual can stay. They are one of the freakiest sexually intense lovers I have met. I love everyone and some of my best sex where with bisexuals but after sex you do want more, love, commitment and that is where the problem lies. Maybe someday somewhere in the blue, bisexuals will learn to become monotonously in love with their spouse.






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