Three ways to love yourself: Self-love

  1. Love yourself for who you are (Male or Female, boy or girl)
  2. Love yourself for what you are (white or black)(Tall or short)
  3. Love yourself for where you are. (Married or unmarried) (Highly Successful or just normal)

There is no one else on the face of this earth exactly like you. You are unique, you are one of a kind and God needs you because he made only one of you. He does not have an exact replacement of you, and that is why suicide is a crime or a sin both religiously and socially, punishable by law because you are just one of your type, no one else can do the things you do in exact ways, you bring a lot to the human table, you mean a lot in the human world even if you don’t know it or can’t comprehend it. Unreplaceable you!

I never get tired of teaching self-love. How can you love me enough if you have not learnt to love yourself first? Love yourself enough to understand intuitively how to love others including babies. I taught myself to love me, some people need the extra boost to help them see the essence in self-love and to start emulating it. Loving yourself makes you mature enough to see the good and the bad in other people’s behavior and can intuitively direct you on how to address such behavior.

Loving yourself is appreciating you first in your state and as you are. Learn to tolerate you and the things going on in your life and once you have accepted you though still working on yourself then you will be able to understand the personalities around you. Loving yourself is an eye opener. You can easily tell when someone is being too hard on themselves because you have understood and accepted you enough to see the wrong in how others may be treating themselves or going about things.

I recommend you tell yourself often how proud you are of you. Sometimes appreciate yourself out loud. You deserve a pat on the back for loving and appreciating you!






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