Always be true to yourself

You are your greatest weapon!

You are your greatest strength, what you tell yourself is what you begin to practice so always be true to yourself. Always be good to yourself, life is eternal so the earlier you start treating yourself right the better and happier you will be.

Life is not fair; life was never designed to be fair. There is a class system in life. Some do nothing but they live the higher life while some work too hard, they call them the working class group. The book; Animal Farm by George Orwell says that all animals are equal but a tyrant animal Napoleon said that all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others.

You are your greatest weapon, what you tell yourself is what you begin to do. So always be true to yourself and try to live in the best possible way. Be yourself yet trying to improve your standards in an honest way. Sow a good seed and reap a harvest. I am just trying to encourage anyone out there who is going through a hard time. Life maybe tossing you around and you do not know what to do. I will encourage you to focus on you and how to live in the moment, life will sort itself out. It always does. God bless you.





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