Spiritualism and the Human Race

The Human Race is as spiritual as it is human. Our spiritualism is very important and cannot be underrated. What spirituality are you? As the picture above suggests, we have a wide range of spirituality in our human practice and i would like to ask what category of spiritualism do you belong to?

I am a practicing Christian and I must confess that there is a power higher than the human eyes and mind can phantom. The spiritual realm is very real and seem to embody a higher dynasty than is perceived in our human realm. There is humongous spiritual power in Christianity that is not visible to the human eyes but can be perceived as the end-result of your practice through your physical accomplishments. This means that there is an unforeseen yet very present spiritual power that exist in our human realm which you cannot physically see but can be attested to due to the evidence of your accomplishments and physical accolades. This power is Spiritual.

All humans voluntary or involuntarily are both spirit and human. Then in our consciousness (voluntarily) we have the choice to choose which spiritual category we want to give allegiance.

In the many categories of spirituality to include: Christianity, Judaism, Islamism, Buddhism and more, what is your spirituality? A human being is both human and spiritual by default but in your consciousness, what category of spirituality do you belong to? We get to consciously choose our spiritual faith.


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