About Me

Lawretta White

Public Affairs Manager, Entrepreneur, Socialite, Party Planner and More


Lawretta holds a LLB Degree in Law from Coventry University and is a member of the Inner Temple, Inns of Court. She is passionate about building community spirit within and around her environment, organising parties, concerts, dinners, result driven events within legal confinements and socially uplift the community and society at large.

Lawretta currently manages a number of events on her profile. She has many years of experience managing a variety of events and businesses online, Many of which have been widely visited and is concurrently in use as a parent website while others for secondary purposes.

Originally from England, Lawretta loves to travel, and she loves to take photographs for her websites. Visiting monumental locations and understanding the history behind them. She is indeed a socialite. Your today’s go to missus for standard celebrations, parties, concerts, events and lots more.

She loves a good chat called banter. She loves to read good books, newspapers, and listen to music. she loves a good exercise, and a good meal enjoyed with a sweet tasting bottle or glass of wine.

For your birthday, anniversary, and all other events to include weddings, call Lawretta White on 07903486074

Get in touch

Lawretta is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about parties, counselling, books, wine, wedding décor or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to her. Our email is: yahjudsfgser@yahoo.com

Thank you!

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